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Can you pre order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Not yet, it’s launching in 2024

Looking forward to any FF7 Rebirth pre order news

Updated: Jun 9, 2023 2:56 pm
Can you pre order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Not yet, it’s launching in 2024

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Now that a brand-new reveal of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is here, as seen in this official trailer, can you pre order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Well, you can’t pre order just yet. The game’s release date has officially been revealed for early 2024, so we’ve been on the lookout for any early pre-order details ahead of the release date, but without any luck just yet.

We’ll be keeping you updated with the latest news regarding any pre order details for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth before it’s due to launch. There are still some details to figure out just yet, as the title has only just officially received it’s release date window, and pre orders are nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Rebirth is the second entry in the FF7 Remake project. The original PS1 game was played through 3 discs, so Square Enix are expanding the classic out into a trilogy of titles.

Can you pre order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

No, it’s not yet possible to pre order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. As we mentioned, Square Enix officially announced the launch date of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It will be coming to the PS5 in early 2024. You can see that announcement here on Twitter, or check out the Summer Game Fest 2023 trailer just below.

As for pre orders, there is currently no news about pre orders for Rebirth. We don’t yet know when this occur, but if the game meets it’s goal of an early 2024 release, we can expect to see pre orders arrive some time in late 2023. This is pure speculation at this stage though, as dates can change.

Source: Final Fantasy YouTube channel

Does Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have a pre order bonus?

There is currently no news about a pre order bonus for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. However, we can expect to see some in future. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion released back in December 2022, as a remaster for the original PSP game. Ahead of the game’s launch, you could pre-order the game and receive the SOLDIER Materia Set bonus, as explained over at Game Preorders. The game also received a separate Digital Deluxe Edition.

Although there is nothing out there just yet, Square Enix could be putting together a similar pre order bonus for FF7 Rebirth. There’s plenty of time left before we’ll hear about that though, so this is just speculation for the time being.

Final Fantasy 7 pre order FAQs

Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a remake?

Yes, sort of. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is part of the Final Fantasy VII remake project, which is made up of a planned trilogy of games – starting off with ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ in 2020. Rebirth is the 2nd in the trilogy.

Has Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth been announced?

Yes, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has officially been announced and is slated for a release in early 2024. Square Enix also wanted to point out that the game will be on two discs.

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