Flight Simulator World Update 6

Flight Simulator World Update 6 will feature Increased detail across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Flight Simulator World Update 6
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Flight Simulator World Update 6 is releasing very soon, on September 7 to the delight of fans after being delayed from the original release date, August 24.

The shortly arriving update will be featuring a whole host of new additions and improvements, as well as a significant number of quality of life updates.

Flight Simulator World Update 6

Update Highlights –

VR – Flight Sim 2020 will no longer crash when exiting the game in VR. All objectives are now available to complete in VR.

Visuals –  A new setting, “Offscreen terrain pre caching” has been implemented, if set to ultra it will cache offscreen terrain at full quality which will reduce FPS drops and LOD popping when spinning the camera. It may however reduce overall performance for less up to date PCs. In addition to this the maximum draw distance for photogrammetry has been increased again meaning that downtown buildings will be visible in higher levels of detail from further distances.

The performance and fuel consumption of the SR22 has also been updated to more accurately reflect a real world piloting experience.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland Updates

Primarily the update focuses on the regions of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, with these regions receiving new aerial and elevation maps. In addition to this the update will feature new cities created with photogrammetry, which will give extra detail and realism for the player, a clear priority for flight simulator fans.

But it doesn’t stop there – this update also features four hand-modelled airports and almost 100 brand new points of interest, discovery flights, landing challenges, and bushtrips.

Flight Sim Top Gun Expansion Delay

The Top Gun update for Flight Simulator 2020 has been pushed back to May 22 in order to coincide with the delayed feature film, “Top Gun: Maverick”. The update will remain free to play, and includes the iconic F-18 piloted by the titular character.