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Ubisoft releases For Honor patch notes for update 2.33.1

The latest For Honor patch nerfs Shinobi Fighters

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 3:43 pm
For Honor patch notes shinobi nerf 2.33.1

On January 27th, 2022, a new update was rolled out to PC, Xbox One and PS4 for For Honor, making some slight changes to the Samurai Fighters the Shinobi. Here’s a run down of the patch notes for For Honor update 2.33.1.

For Honor 2.33.1 patch notes — changes to Shinobi

For Honor patch notes 2.33.1 shinobi nerf

After the Shinobi were considered to be too over-powered during the latest Testing Rounds, some nerfs are required, making up the changes made in January 27th’s For Honor update 2.33.1. Among the top changes, an increase to stamina costs for some moves hopes to make players reconsider if they really need to use it, while Shooting Stars has been nerfed so it isn’t always used followed by Dodge Kick.

Here’s the list of changes, and you can check out the full patch notes and Dev comments at ubisoft.com.

  • Front/Side Dodge Kick miss recovery has been increased to 600ms
  • Stance change no longer allowed during last 100ms of Front/Side Dodge Kick miss recovery
  • Player can now target swap during Front Roll
  • Stamina is no longer regenerated during Front Roll or Back Flip
  • Back Flip iframes and dodge frames introduced at 100ms
  • Attack Recoveries can now cancel to Back Flip from 200ms to 300ms
  • Shooting Stars recovery has been increased by 100ms
  • Shooting Stars recovery also no longer guarantees front Dodge Kick when it lands
  • Chain links to Teleport Kick duration increased to 66ms
  • Flip Kick stamina cost increased to 15
  • Back Flip and Front Roll stamina cost increased to six

Update file sizes – For Honor 2.33.1

Xbox One2.11Gb

The update starts at approximately 6am PST/9am EST/2pm GMT and, according to For Honor on Twitter, should last around an hour and a half.

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