Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Ushers in Massive Changes With A Distinctly Nautical Feel

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Ushers in Massive Changes With A Distinctly Nautical Feel

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 3 is here and, true to form, it's ushered in some seismic changes for the battle royale shooter's map. Fortnite's island has flooded, bestowing it with a distinctly summer and nautical feel with much to explore.

Epic Games has cooked up a new trailer for the occasion, and it quickly lays out just how much the battle royale has changed with Chapter 3. The previous map is all but unrecognizable, replaced instead by massive expanses of water covering half of it. Small islets of higher ground from the old map and a floating village known as the Fortilla punctuate the waters, drastically altering the lay of the land.

Epic has said the water level would slowly lower over time, revealing the submerged land below, at which points other vehicles will once again be viable options. Epic says, "As time goes on and the water recedes, even more locations will be uncovered. And as the roadways become more open, you'll discover new ways to get around..."

Aside from new water-clogged locales to discover, players will now have to contend with gangs of NPCs similar to last season's Henchmen, known as the Marauders, who are out to spoil the fun.

Epic has also introduced a new mode of transportation - rideable sharks. Well, rideable isn't exactly correct: you can use a fishing pole to latch onto the fast-moving aquatic predators for a swift ride to the next batch of dry land.

Season 3 also introduces a slew of new cosmetics, namely a perfectly apt Aquaman-themed skin pulled straight from the Jason Momoa starring 2018 movie of the same. Expect lushes flowing locks, gold trident, and all.

As with any new season, Epic introduces new weapons, skins, umbrella customization options, and a new Battle Pass.