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Fortnite servers shut down

Following issues with the Battle Royale, the game’s servers have been taken completely offline

Updated: Dec 29, 2021 7:07 pm
Fortnite servers shut down

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Earlier today, December 29th, 2021, players experienced a number of issues with matchmaking and logging into Fortnite. Now, the servers have been taken completely offline and Fortnite is currently unavailable.

A number of players have been reporting issues for a few hours now, and there were even Winterfest glitches revealing some changes to Crackshot’s Cabin. With the majority of the Epic Games team being off this week due to the holidays, resolving issues is going to take longer than normal.

Why is Fortnite offline?

Fortnite Servers not responding

With Epic Games’ teams being depleted and this downtime seemingly unexpected, there is no real reason as yet as to why Fortnite servers are not responding. There is no new event or popular new cosmetic item, so no particular reason for an overwhelming number of players. All we know is that the Fortnite Status Twitter account has stated that the servers have been taken offline “while [they] investigate an issue.” Despite teams being away, though, the Fortnite Status Twitter profile has been regularly updated during this, so will be the first place to announce when the servers are back online.

Will Fortnite be coming back and when?

Fortnite servers taken offline

Some frustrated Twitter users have been sharing an old, doctored image that was first created around the first The End event. The “screenshot” apparently shows a login screen telling users that Fortnite has come to an end for good, giving users the option to uninstall. However, since this is an old image, we know this is not true, and instead users will either be greeted with a Fortnite “Servers Not Responding” message, or a queue countdown.

While we can be pretty sure Fortnite will be back, since there seems to be no obvious reason for the downtime, there is no way of telling how long it will take the Epic Games teams to get the issue fixed and get the servers back online.

Is Epic Games Store offline?

The issues did also affect the Epic Games Store earlier in the day, but this seems to have been resolved now and the store is still online as normal. This also suggests that this has nothing to do with the most recent Free Game reveal.

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