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Fortnite finally introduces the ability to Stay with Squad

Find yourself part of a winning squad of strangers? Stick with them for another match!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021 3:31 pm
Fortnite finally introduces the ability to Stay with Squad

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You know what it’s like, you drop into a Fortnite battle with one, two, or three random internet strangers, have the match of your life… then lose your new friends back into a sea of other multiplayers. You could add them as a friend, but you waited too long and now you can’t remember exactly how their IGN was spelt. We’ve all been there, which is why fans of Fortnite’s Battle Royale have been begging for a new game mechanic to change that.

Finally, Fornite’s Stay with Squad function is here to do just that!

Fortnite introduces Stay with Squad mode in v18.20

stay with squad fortnite

Snuck into Fortnite’s v18.20 patch notes is the game mechanic which now allows you to stay with your duos, trios or squads team mates for multiple matches in a row. Epic Games are rolling out the functionality slowly, so you will only see the option if you are playing on the NA-East server region. At the moment, all we know about the continuation of the rollout is that Stay with Squad will be made global “at a later date.”

Regardless of how long this takes to reach the rest of the States, and indeed the rest of the world, it’s good to see that the mechanic is finally being introduced.

Fortnite patch notes 18.20

A few other significant changes have been made to Battle Royale, Imposters and Creative mode. Check out our full rundown of the update here. Epic Games also used the opportunity to finally acknowledge InnerSloth for inspiring said Imposters mode.

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