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Friday Freebie August 28th: Hitman [2016] & Shadowrun Collection

Another pair of free games that are worth a look.

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It is time again for our weekly selection of games that you can play for free, with a few options here depending on exactly what you’re in the mood for. This time, a pair of giveaways from the Epic games store that we think are well worth your attention.

hitman 2016

Hitman [2016] was a soft-reboot of the series, which for many fans was considered to be getting back to its roots. Where the previous entry, Hitman Absolution, was leaning too hard into being a cinematic and action-packed game, at the expense of building a systemic stealth sandbox. Hitman [2016] is a globetrotting adventure, with a series of missions based around multi-layered locations, filled with different routes and different items you can interact with. Each level has a huge variety of ways you can approach an assassination mission, and it encourages an experimental playstyle, that rewards trying different approaches.

This is a meaty package, and as far as we know, once Hitman 3 comes out, you’ll be able to access upgraded versions of all this content through Hitman 3. It’s highly recommended for anyone to give it a try. If you’ve never been able to enjoy these types of games before, or just never tried one, this game does a fantastic job of introducing you to and guiding you through its systems, with lots of option assists and guidance to ease you in. Given that it’s free, there’s never been a better chance to jump in.

Shadowrun Collection

This is a free bundle that includes Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall, and Shadowrun Hong Kong. These are RPGs that blend cyberpunk and fantasy elements, presented from an isometric perspective, with a turn-based combat system. Each of these is a standalone game, but all set within the same universe. These are very much designed in the classic cRPG formula, pairing classic RPG systems with a more modern look and feel. Worth a look for anyone into RPGs.

These giveaways are running until the 3rd of September. Add them to your account, and they’re yours to keep forever.


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