Nvidia To Unlock G-Sync VRR For AMD Graphics Cards

Owners of AMD graphics cards may soon be able to access the benefits of Nvidia G-Sync monitors. This will allow for the updated modules in these monitors to soon support both Adaptive-Sync and HDMI-VRR. Although AMD runs its own proprietary adaptive sync technology, cards with FreeSync could soon be used on updated G-Sync monitors.

Cross-Compatibility For All

With news that Nvidia may be unlocking its own proprietary G-Sync VRR tech to other competitors’ cards soon, this will bolster support for game consoles that currently support VRR or run a graphics card which supports Adaptive Sync. 

Earlier this year, Nvidia allowed support for VESA Adaptive-Sync on its graphics cards with the “G-Sync Compatible” program. This allowed for some monitors that support AMD’s Free-Sync to support Nvidia graphics cards. This was great news for consumers all-round and allowed for gamers to get the best out of their hardware without being brand-dependent.

Good News For Consumers

This change opens up a lot of options for consumers who are looking to build new gaming systems. Now that they won’t be limited to certain monitors if they choose certain GPU manufacturers, this allows for a lot more flexibility when building. 

The bad news is that this won’t be a retroactive update. This means that if you already own a G-Sync monitor, unfortunately, you won’t be able to reap the benefits. 

When it comes to other platforms, future games consoles such as Project Scarlett could reap the benefit of the updated G-Sync modules. Currently, both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S only support FreeSync.  

Final Word

All in all, this is great news for customers. With AMD and Nvidia easing off on locking down proprietary software, this gives customers a lot more options when it comes to purchasing components. In a perfect world, we’d love to see no user locked out of buying a monitor based on their graphics card of choice, these updated G-Sync modules will reduce this likelihood of that at least.