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Gamers encounter unable to authenticate in Splitgate glitch, but there is a fix

Unable to Authenticate in Splitgate? Here’s how to fix the error.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021 1:42 pm
Splitgate update today

If you’ve been playing Splitgate on Steam, you might have encountered an ‘Unable To Authenticate’ error that will stop you from logging in and playing the popular multiplayer game. Luckily for you, we know how to fix your issue and if you follow this guide, you’ll soon be getting shot from a portal on the other side of the map again in no time. 

How do I fix the Splitgate’s unable to authenticate error?

Splitgate’s ‘unable to authenticate’ error is actually a problem with the Steam application and not with the fast-paced shooter video game itself. You’ll need to make sure you have a fresh instance of Valve’s Steam application and it’s background executables if you want to fix it, so here’s how you get that: 

  • Shut down Steam. (Go into the task manager with Ctrl + Alt + Delete to make sure everything has closed.) 
  • Fully turn off your computer. As in completely off. Sleep mode doesn’t count. 
  • Turn your computer back on!
  • From there, launch Steam again. It should do this by itself if it’s on default settings.
  • Try and play Splitgate again. It should now let you play, and the authentication error should be gone.

If the problem hasn’t gone away, then you should follow these steps a couple more times. If that fails, then contact Splitgate and Steam’s support teams. Some have said that even after the fix it has taken a few hours for the error to ‘settle’ and go away. We’re not sure what could cause that, but it might just be worth waiting a while too.  

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