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Genshin Impact Gamescom 2021

Here's all the latest updates from Genshin Impact at Gamescom

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The latest news from the Genshin Impact segment of Gamescom’s Opening Night Live suggests that Aloy will be the first crossover character to feature in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update.

Aloy comes from Horizon and is set to join Genshin Impact in the 2.1 update – set to go live on September 1st, 2021.

Aloy Joins Genshin Impact In 2.1 Update

Whilst the Genshin Impact segment didn’t last all that long – probably 3 minutes in total – we still got some juicy information regarding some new perks for PlayStation adopters.

Aloy will be making a comeback in Genshin Impact, unlockable for free in both PS5 and PS4 consoles. PlayStation fans will be happy to hear that they will benefit from early access to the character, with all other platforms having to wait till the 2.2 update.

How To Get Aloy In Genshin Impact

To obtain Aloy in Genshin Impact, all you have to do is download the latest update. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the Genshin Impact 2.2 update on most platforms to get her. PlayStation gamers will get priority access to the character, with early access on September 1st. 

Genshin Impact Concert: Melodies Of An Endless Journey

Finally, the live show was concluded with the announcement of a special Genshin Impact concert called, Melodies of an Endless Journey. It will go live on October 3rd, 2021, playing some of the game’s most popular records.

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