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Genshin Impact Glaze Medaka & Genshin Medaka Bait Help

Looking at how to obtain Glaze Medaka & what bait you should use

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The Glaze Medaka is a type of fish in Genshin Impact that can be found in Inazuma. This fish can be found as both a pet for the Serenitea Pot and as wildlife. This fish can spawn at any in-game time and has a three out of five rarity. The Glaze Medaka is a lively fish that is sought after for its petal-shaped tail but how do you catch a Glaze Medaka? What Genshin Medka bait should be used? All is revealed.

Genshin Medaka Bait

The Genhisn Impact Medaka bait needed to catch this fish is Fruit Paste Bait.  This bait can be used to catch the Medaka specifically and its variants. The baits formula is obtained during the World Quest Exploding Population, during the fishing tutorial.

To craft this Medaka bait, you’ll need one Sunsettia and one unit of Wheat.

Genshin Impact Glaze Medaka Locations

To catch the Glaze Medaka fish, you are going to need to head to one of five locations in Inazuma. Glaze Medaka can be found at Ritou, Amakane Island, Sanfonomiya Shrine, Suigetsu Pool, or Koseki Village.

How To Unlock Fishing In Genshin Impact

Once you complete the Exploding Population quest, you can then find a wide variety of fish in Teyvat’s 27 different locations. Choose your rod, use the right type of bait, cast into the water, and you will be stocking up on fish in no time.

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