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Genshin Impact players are gifted a free Intertwined Fate following technical glitch

A bug that gave some players duplicates is now available to all

Updated: Feb 9, 2022 3:30 pm
Is Genshin Impact down right now?

The Lunar New Year is is full swing in Genshin Impact, seeing a mass of new players taking the festivities. And – for a Gacha game – it’s somewhat amazing to see miHoYo’s surprising generosity as they’re offering a variety of extra gifts. Although, it turns out this generosity wasn’t quite planned – not all that surprising. A technical glitch allowed players to receive a duplicate of one of the daily Lantern Rite gifts, a bundle including one of the precious Intertwined Fate doodads which can unlock event characters and weapons. 

Players who were able to take advantage of this glitch were getting significant advantages that some of their peers weren’t able to use. As such, miHoYo have expanded this fault and are now offering all players a duplicate.

Players can earn these gifts simply by logging in. This will give them 1 Intertwined Fate, 5 Golden Crabs, and 6 Sanctifying Unctions. But thanks to this new gift, players can get an extra. And the best thing to get is Intertwined Fate. As it is the go-to for the gacha machine and unlocking event characters and weapons.

The Lunar Event and Genshin Impact V2.4 will come to a close with the launch of v2.5 on the 16th of February. So until then, you’ve still got access to the Lunar event as well as this extra feature, don’t waste the chance for it now.

In the meantime, we’ve been covering some of what v2.5 will have in store:

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