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Genshin Redesigns and Alternative Outfits for Characters following Chinese Censorship

Four of Genshin Impact's characters are seeing some minor changes to their design.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022 9:43 am
Genshin Redesigns and Alternative Outfits for Characters following Chinese Censorship

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MiHoYo have announced that four of their characters are getting slight redesigns but many fans think it’s less ‘redesign’ and more Chinese censorship. These redesigns are being treated as complete changes to Chinese players, with the in-game models changing to these new ones. So basically, players in China won’t really get a say, as Mona, Jean, amber and Rosaria will get these new redesigns.

Whereas audiences and players outside of China can get these new redesigns as optional skins. These new skins don’t change much, hence the belief that these redesigns are purely censoring. As most of the characters are now simply showing less skin or cleavage. And China have fairly strict censorship laws, which can indeed affect character design in games. The country have even go so far as to block games that “violate family ethics” by portraying “homosexuality or pregnancy before marriage”. So anything overtly sexual or revealing in character art is quickly and promptly being redesigned to avoid a full block in China. And now many games, especially China-based ones, like MiHoYo, want to be careful and avoid a potential ban for their Chinese market. And with the Chinese government already being very anti-gambling and addiction to mobile games, Genshin Impact, being a Gacha game, is already treading close to the lines of being banned.

The affected characters are Amber, Mona, Jean and Rosaria. Mind you, these changes are hardly noticeable. The main goal is to make the characters less revealing, by removing any signs of cleavage or simply covering up any chest skin.

As for when these skins are coming out, there’s not been a release date. Although we don’t expect it’ll be long, they’ll likely implement these changes as soon as possible, for Chinese audience at the very least.

Genshin Impact Redesign 1

Although there’s been no mention of whether this new content will be free or premium, pretty much all fans are hoping they won’t need to pay for the bare minimal changes to a character change but then again, it’s a Gacha game so who’s to say whether or not we’ll need to pay.

Though it’s worth noting that it’s likely that future characters will be affected by this new censorship. It’s possible that MiHoYo will release two sets of skins, one that’s the default for Chinese players and another that’s for western audiences. But, if we’re being pragmatic, it’s likely that they’lls imply release all characters with a design that conforms to China’s censorship laws.

This comes along with a series of other Genshin Impact related news. Starting the the new year with a nice assortment of new content for all players, both old and new! We’ll be covering all Genshin related news, which you can find here!

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