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Geoff Keighley says you can watch The Game Awards 2021 in the metaverse

The Game Awards takes its first steps into virtual reality in 2021.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 12:00 pm
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If you’ve ever wanted to see Geoff Keighley in the metaverse, then you’re in luck. The Game Awards have announced an official The Game Awards 2021 metaverse experience is all-set to happen on the Core client, the Manticore Games developed web platform designed around user-created content, shared digital experiences and providing virtual event spaces.

For the first time ever, fans of video games will be able to attend the prestigious awards show in cyberspace on December 9, 2021. The broadcast will be happening in Axial Tilt, a new interactive location that will be the metaverse hub for events involving game reveal maestro Geoff Keighley going forward. 

We’re not sure what the bonuses of watching in the Geoff Keighley metaverse will be over watching on something more traditional like Twitch, but we’re sure a lot of people will still do it just to say they did.

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What time is The Game Awards metaverse event on Core in my region?

If you want to watch The Game Awards 2021 in Core, the you’ll want to be on the online service at the following times depending on your region: 

The Game Awards 2021 Broadcast TimeDate of BroadcastRegion
05:00 PM PSTDec 09 2021US West Coast
08:00 PM ESTDec 09 2021US East Coast
01:00 AM BSTDec 10 2021United Kingdom
12:00 PM AEST Dec 10 2021Australia
10:00 AM JSTDec 10 2021Japan

The Game Awards is set to be a massive event, with game announcements numbering ‘in the double digits’ according to the boss himself, Geoff Keighley. Most recently, he said that there would be ‘4 or 5 Elden Ring level games’ at the event, which is frankly absurd. We’re looking forward to seeing what he’s talking about.

Will you be watching The Game Awards 2021? Are there any games you’d like to see announced at the show? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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