Ghost Of Tsushima Teased With Half -Trailer During PlayStation’s State Of Play

large Ghost of Tsushima Teased with Half Trailer During Playstations State of Play

As was strongly speculated on familiar gaming haunts across the internet prior to the broadcast, PlayStation's State of Play offered up our first look at Ghost of Tsushima for the better part of eighteen months.

Ghost Of Tsushima State Of Play

We had to wait until the end of the broadcast, though, but with a decent selection of trailers to keep us entertained, we can't be too bitter about it.

While any Ghost of Tsushima news is welcome, the format wasn't exactly satisfying for those eager to learn more about Sucker Punch's upcoming open-world feudal Japan title. Rather than a fully-fledged trailer, we got a teaser of sorts - a half trailer. The second half of which is slated to land at The Game Awards on Thursday.

New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer

The trailer, ostensibly consisting of cinematic footage and gameplay, depicts a trio of gruff samurais edging through a canopy of trees bathed in autumnal hues of yellow and orange. They drag along with them a cart laden with cargo, presumably of the precious variety. The wind howls and maple leaves swirl balletically backed by an era-appropriate soundtrack of emotive strings.

Before long, a caped specter appears on the horizon with the golden rays of the setting sun shining behind - it's the game's protagonist Jin Sakai.

Katana's are drawn in dramatic fashion, angry words are exchanged, a fused bomb is lit, and just as an all-out brawl is about to erupt, the trailer cuts to a title screen and then to a frustrating 'To Be Continued...' message. Talk about nailing the teaser format.

Final Word

It's all so tantalizingly short and sets the scene for the full trailer later this week. The Game Awards format isn’t conducive to lengthy gameplay reveals, so we shouldn't expect much beyond a cinematic battle.

Still, a release date can't be discounted, especially if Sony has plans to release Ghost of Tsushima in 2020 before the Japanese giant's next-generation PlayStation 5 console arrives.