Ghost of Tsushima: Release Date, Rumors, And News

Back in 2017, we saw Ghosts Of Tsushima announced at Paris Games Week. The new title from Sucker Punch Productions was going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but there is every chance that it could come out for the PS5 at this rate.

The guys at Sucker Punch became widely known for the Infamous titles, but with Ghosts, they seem to be distancing themselves from that genre. The beautiful Japanese landscapes and battle-torn cities are a million miles away from the skyscraper chaos of Infamous.

We haven’t heard much about Ghosts of Tsushima since it was revealed at E3 2018, but we’re anxiously waiting for Sony to shed some more light on the PS4 exclusive sometime soon.

Since the E3 announcement, it has all gone a bit quiet really, but after seeing that demo, we can’t wait for some more juicy info.

We are going to be updating this page as more information about the game is released as we can’t wait to discover more. The page will include everything we find out from gameplay details to new trailers.

So what do we know so far?

Ghosts Of Tsushima: Release Date

Although there were announcements as far back as 2017, the available information is limited to mostly rumors.

PlayStation skipped the latest E3, so it was rather frustrating to hear no development news on Ghosts. We know they are working on it, but in terms of a release date, it has been rather quiet.

Rumors are that the title will be released early next year alongside the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 and the rumored PS5 but we will be keeping our beady eyes out for concrete information regularly.

Ghosts Of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai

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The main character to Ghosts Of Tsushima is samurai warrior Jin Sakai. You follow Jin during the Mongol invasion and honor japan as one of the last lines of defense. Thes Mongols aren’t quite ready for Jin’s capabilities with the sword, and things look like they are going to go a bit “Kill Bill” esc.

As you can probably tell Jin is a master with his sword and the melee combat will be off the charts with this adventure game. You are most likely going to have a large number of different melee weapons at your disposal.

When we say, Jin is the last line of defense it doesn’t quite mean he’s on his own, quite the contrary. While following the story, you will gather allies, but these allies can quickly turn against you in this time of trouble as the demo clearly shows.

Ghosts Of Tsushima is set in feudal Japan

The one thing we took away from the trailer was how great the game looked graphically. Sucker Punch really seems to know what they are doing with immersive open worlds, and we have only skimmed the surface.

The game takes place in feudal Japan. For those who aren’t too familiar with Japanese history, it means it takes place when Japan was ruled by powerful families, warlords (shogun), and the samurai. The year is 1274, and you are on the island of Tsushima playing as the last surviving samurai warrior.

Sucker Punch chose to keep this game as an open-world title, and we couldn’t be happier as you can just run around looking at that amazing scenery, slicing, and dicing.

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