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Gloomwood Gameplay Shown At PC Gaming Show

Updated: Jun 12, 2022 10:22 pm
Gloomwood Gameplay Shown At PC Gaming Show

PCGamer might have missed the game for the last couple of years. This year though they’ve actually remembered to show off Gloomwood, thanks to the developer threatening to murder a dog live on stream.

Gloomwood- Thief With Guns

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As the official page for the game states:

Gloomwood is a stealth horror FPS that follows your mysterious abduction to a forgotten, twisted Victorian metropolis in the midst of a horrifying transformation. Wield your canesword and take to the shadows as you uncover the accursed mystery hidden with the fog.”

The website for the game is ThiefWithGuns.com, which can probably tell you exactly what this game is and exactly who this game is made for. If you love the classic Thief games then you’re going to love this game. Early access for the game is launching on August 16th.

What was Thief?

Thief last had a release in 2014, and hasn’t seen a brand new game since then. The game that did release in 2014 was mostly disliked by the classic Thief fans who found it to be too similar to modern games both in terms of gameplay design and the tropes it took on board with it. Hopefully Gloomwood can bring those fans back on board with this type of game.

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