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Glorious Model O 2 release date speculation, specs, price

Everything we know about the Glorious Model O 2 so far

Updated: Jan 24, 2023 3:28 pm
Glorious Model O release date

That’s right folks, the Glorious Model O 2 release date is coming soon, and there’s a lot to look forward to with this update of one of the best gaming mice of recent years. Luckily, Glorious has been pretty forthcoming with the details heard of release, whereas other companies would have us scrambling for clues from anything we can find as we did with the DeathAdder V3 Pro last year.

Anyway, we’re going to give you the lowdown on the Glorious Model O 2 release date, specs, pricing, features, and pretty much everything else we can find.

Glorious Model O 2 release date speculation

We haven’t quite got a confirmed Glorious Model O 2 release date yet. However, we can make some pretty good assumptions. After they first announced the Model O 2 and Model I 2 in November 2022, It seemed like the release date was going to be mid-late December. Unfortunately, an unexpected delay happened meaning that Glorious needed “additional time to adjust the issue with the supplier”.

After this, they shifted the release date of the first batch of orders back to “January to late February” 2023. So, with that window rapidly approaching, we thought it timely to write this page.

Glorious Model O 2 Specs & Features

  • WEIGHT: 68 grams*
  • SWITCHES: Glorious Switches Rated for 80M Clicks
  • BATTERY LIFE: 110 hrs (2.4Ghz), 210 hrs (Bluetooth 5.2 LE)**
  • SENSOR: Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical
  • MAX SPEED: 650 IPS
  • MAX POLLING RATE: 1 ms (1000Hz)
  • LIGHTING: 16.8 Million Color RGB
  • TOTAL BUTTONS: 6 (Remappable)
  • FEET: 100% PTFE G-Skates
  • CHARGING CABLE: Ascended Cable (2 m / 6.5 ft)
  • RESOLUTION: 100 – 26,000 DPI

From these specs, we can see that the Model O2 will be a formidable wireless gaming mouse (there will be a wired version too, but, who are we kidding? You’ll want the wireless one.)

Glorious Model O 2 mouse shape

Of course, the shape is the main actor in mouse preference, and the Model O 2 Is looking like a mixture of the Razer Viper, with some influence from the G Pro X Superlight too. Additionally, the slight flare on the mouse buttons reminds us of the DeathAdder too.

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