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God of War (PC) patch notes 1.0.5

Yet another God of War patch as the devs battle the evil Gods to get the game as perfect as it can be

Updated: Feb 5, 2022 10:50 am
God of War

We have had a good flurry of updates for the Steam version of God of War since it arrived a few weeks ago. It’s nice to see developers tweaking and working hard to add more polish to a game as good as this one after release.

There have been a few issues with the game to be fair with players unable to get into the fullscreen mode in some instances, so here comes a patch that will hopefully fix all of that for everybody.

God of War Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes

Sony Santa Monica Studios has been quick to act on issues so far, so credit where credit is due. They also round off the patch notes with an advisory that it thinks it has discovered the reason behind some of the much-reported performance issues with people running AMD gear, so hopefully, there will be a hotfix for that incoming in the coming days.


  • In-game glyphs will now correctly correspond to the controller type selected in Steam
  • Setting the DLSS Sharpening slider to 0 will now properly disable DLSS Sharpening
  • Interactions between the game and the taskbar will now work correctly in Borderless Fullscreen
  • Game audio should now mute when the application is in the background
  • TAA will no longer causes blurriness when the Render Scale is below 100%
  • Borderless Fullscreen mode will now not impact visibility in the Task Switcher (Alt+Tab)
  • Correct UI elements will now be shown if an action is bound to the mouse wheel
  • HDR brightness will no longer be impacted by SDR brightness settings

New Features

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  • Option to minimize when focus is lost in Borderless Fullscreen
  • Error message if the game is unable to open or write to a save file
  • Precision mouse mode*
  • This new mode works by ignoring the default mouse-to-camera conversion implementation. Additional sensitivity fine-tuning can be done by tweaking values in the settings.ini file in the game installation folder. This mode should NOT be used in conjunction with Aim Assist.

WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more