God of War 2018 PC

GeForce Now Leak suggests upcoming release of God of War 2018 PC

god of war 2018 pc

A huge leak as a result of some crafty reverse engineering of the GeForce Now client has revealed that a huge amount of unannounced games are set to be released on PC. This leak is courtesy of Ighor July, who managed to make GeForce Now display games that were previously hidden from the user.

God of War was originally released in 2018 as an exclusive for the PS4. It was met with instant success, both critically and financially. It sold 35% more physical copies than the last game in the series, God of War III, and was widely acclaimed as one of the year’s best games. Sony then released an update for God of War, allowing it to be played in 4k at 60FPS on PlayStation 5.

god of war pc 2

God of War 2018 PC – God of War finally coming to PC?

Given how much popularity the game garnered on PlayStation it comes as no surprise that since the GeForce Now leak, fans and PC gamers have ben clamouring for God of War 2018 PC. Finally, PC-only gamers will be able to experience this landmark gaming experience, hopefully with some significant upgrades so it can take full advantage of the higher performance hardware. No details have yet been released but if the leak is to be believed, and it’s looking pretty good so far, PC gamers are in for a treat in the coming 12 months, with many other games allegedly being ported to PC, such as Returnal, Demon’s Souls, and Ratchet and Clank

This is a big leak so we are working hard to keep you guys updated on any new developments or news, remember to check back here frequently for up-to-date news about this exciting development in PC gaming.