Godfall Release Date, Rumors, and News

large Godfall Release Date Rumours and News

First revealed at the 2019 Game Awards show, Godfall is the latest effort from Counterplay Games propped up by the publishing arm of Gearbox, the studio behind the famed Borderlands series. With about a year ahead of us before we can get our hands on the ‘looter-slasher’ as it’s been coined, Godfall promises a gripping sneak peek at the games set to define the early days of the next-generation of consoles.

Godfall Release Date

Godfall is set for release during the holiday period 2020. It will be released as a PlayStation 5 launch title. Once we have a firm idea of when Sony plans to release the new console, we should have a corresponding release date for Godfall.

It’s unclear how advanced Counterplay is with the development of Godfall, so as always, we can’t completely discount any unforeseen delays or last-minute production hurdles that could push back release. With that said, as the game is being touted as a launch title, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t release alongside the PlayStation 5.

As for platforms, Godfall is releasing on PC alongside PlayStation 5. Right now, we don’t know if the PC release will correlate with the PlayStation 5 launch or whether we may have to wait longer, as was the case most recently with Red Dead Redemption 2 or Death Stranding.

Godfall Trailer

As Godfall has only just been announced, we’ve only been privy to a single trailer unleashed to the world during The Game Awards 2019. Although through and through a cinematic teaser lacking gameplay, it was reportedly rendered real-time in-engine on a PlayStation 5, which gives us an idea of what to expect from the final product. The weapons, characters, and environments will reportedly all feature in the final playable product.

Oozing with fantasy charm, the trailer depicts three knights storming through a collapsing building before dusting themselves off and arming themselves with oversized blades imbued with elemental arcane flames. They sport animalistic helmets and large armor sets. There's mention of a thousand-year war, the apocalypse, and a towering monolith emerges appearing to control the elements, brewing up a violent, fierce maelstrom of winds and lighting.

An exercise in exposition, it sets the scene for Godfall but leaves a lot to the imagination. It’s a teaser after all. Counterplay Games has promised more news in Spring 2020, and we fully expect a trailer to see the light of day before too long, followed by a deep dive at E3 in June next year.

Godfall Gameplay

Godfall is being touted as a third-person fantasy looter-slasher with a heavy focus on melee combat. 

In a recent interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, Godfall creative director and Counterplay CEO, Keith Lee, explained that although the central focus is weapon-based melee combat, ranged weapons have a part to play but are limited by a cooldown system. 

Additionally, he also explained that Godfall "offers flexible classes for players to easily swap roles in the middle of combat or in a mission. We have a wide spectrum of weapon classes ranging from small and nimble to heavy and powerful."

The loot aspect will shine through as players fight to collect ever more armor called Valorplates. These can then be improved via inserts known as Augments that allow abilities such as heals, magic summons, AoE damage, and the like. The idea is to offer a variety of play styles to suit every player.

The game itself with take place across multiple elemental realms - fire, earth, water, and spirit. Players can play as one of three remnants of the Knight’s Order, each with their own attributes and basic customizable Valorplates.

Lee also explained the game is built from the ground up for co-op in teams of up to three players as well as the ability to 'hot-join' games quickly while balancing varied character levels.

Godfall Rumors & News

Given the game has just been announced, there’s very little in terms of news. With that said, Godfall director Keith Lee says we can look forward to hearing, and, more importantly, seeing a lot of more of Godfall in Spring 2020.

Final Word

With the daunting task of being the torchbearer of Sony’s PlayStation 5 launch lineup, Godfall carries with it a lot of expectations. Whether it can live up to these remains to be seen, but from what we’ve seen so far, Godfall looks incredibly promising and a worthy first dive into everything the next-gen has to offer.