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Google Bard plagiarism issues arise

There is a growing sense of concern among online publishers as Google Bard appears to plagiarize

Updated: Mar 23, 2023 4:56 pm
Google Bard plagiarism issues arise

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Google Bard is the latest AI chatbot to hit the internet, currently in its experimental phase. The Chatbot is open to those who join the waitlist and is currently free to try.

We recently looked into whether or not Google Bard can be detected by Turnitin, the popular plagiarism tool used in academia. the results were a bit suspect, despite Turnitin stating they had developed technology to detect AI-assisted content, we still expected to see lower numbers from the Google Bard AI.

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The service has recently been called into question after allegedly plagiarizing an article from Toms Hardware.

According to the website editor – Avram Piltch, Google Bard copied one of the site’s articles without citation, which was spotted when asked about the performance of Intel’s Core i9-13900K and AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X3D.

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Source: Tomshardware

What was most interesting was the fact that when Google Bard was questioned about plagiarism, it answered “Yes”.

While the caveat to any AI Chatbot is always to use it with caution, plagiarism is a growing concern.

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