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Google Pixel 8 Release Date, Rumored Specs & Price

The latest Google Pixel 8 release date and specification estimates

Updated: Sep 11, 2023 4:03 pm
Google Pixel 8 Release Date, Rumored Specs & Price

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When will Google Pixel 8 be released? Read below for all the very best Google Pixel 8 release date and specs predictions based on the latest rumors and information we have available. The Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold have already enjoyed a significant chunk of time in the limelight thanks to Google I/O, and a pretty successful launch earlier this year. So when’s the next phone due? Well good news Pixel fans! Google has officially announced that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will arrive on October 4th.

The Google Pixel is one of the most anticipated Android devices around, with a yearly release window. Every year, Google tries to provide the best smartphone and camera experience through its pixel devices. The Google Pixel 7 series have been with us for just coming up to a year now, which means that rumors regarding the Google Pixel 8 have already been circulating for some time.

It is not surprising after the success of the Google Pixel 7. The company released an official statement regarding the Google Pixel 8 and its release date very recently, and the Pixel 8 release date, falls in line with Google’s usual schedule. It will arrive on October 4th alongside, its Google Pixel Watch 2 brother. Will this be one of the best android phones on the market in 2024? It may certainly be the best smartphone out there supporting AI that’s for sure, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Google Pixel 8 Release Date : When does the Google Pixel 8 officially launch?

The Google Pixel 8 release date is still a while off. We now have the official release date confirmation from Google regarding the Pixel 8 models, and like clockwork with the Google Pixel series, the company has always released flagship devices in October (as we can see in the release date history below) and low and behold, Google’s still right on track.

If its launch timeline follows that of its predecessors we can therefore predict the Google Pixel 8 will be on shelves likely that same month.

Google Pixel 8 release date history

Despite being a tech giant, Google’s smartphone market share is pretty low, which is understandable as Google is primarily a software, not a hardware company. But the company has been trying to further diversify into this space since the first Pixel was released in 2016, and more recently with the Google Tensor chipset launched with the Pixel 6 series, followed up with the Pixel 7 series.

The Google Pixel 7 hit the shelves at a predictable time, and the company has only just confirmed minor details regarding the Pixel 8 series. But we can get an idea of Google’s release window by looking at the previous Google Pixel devices and their release dates.

  • Google Pixel & Pixel XL Release Date: October 2016 
  • Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Release Date: October 2017 
  • Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL Release Date: October 2018
  • Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL Release Date: October 2019
  • Google Pixel 5 Release Date: October 2020 
  • Google Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro Release Date: October 2021
  • Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro Release Date: October 2022
  • Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro Release Date: October 4th 2023

Google Pixel 8 predicted specs 

There’s not much to go on regarding Google Pixel 8’s hardware. But rumors are already heating up surrounding the device, which may provide some insight.

A Dutch website, GalaxyClub, has reported the 3rd generation of Google’s Tensor chipset is already under development, which bares the code S5P9865. The code has the same sequence of numbers Google previously used for Tensor G1 and G2 chipsets after moving away from the popular Qualcomm Snapdragon chips (last found in the Pixel 5). As usual, Samsung is manufacturing the chipset for these tensor chips.

WinFuture has found the possible codenames of the upcoming Pixel devices: Shiba and Husky. Google previously used Cheetah and Panther for the Pixel 7 Series. These codenames likely refer to the two flagship devices in the Pixel 8 series.

  • Screen Size: 6.17-inch, 120Hz
  • Display Type: AMOLED 2268 x 1080 (Rumored) 
  • CPU: Google Tensor G3 processor (Confirmed), codenamed Zuma
  • RAM: 12GB RAM (Rumored) 
  • Operating System: Android 14
  • Battery & charging: 12W Qi wireless charging confirmed

As you may notice, the rumored screen size is smaller than the previous Pixel 7. This 6.16″ size would be dropping down from the previous 6.32″ off the Pixel 7, as Ross Young tweets.

Pixel 8 Software Side

PhoneArena also reported that the Advanced Memory Protection feature could first arrive on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, especially following the release of Developer Previews early this year. Mishaal Rahman spotted this hidden setting, elaborating that it will likely require the new Tensor G3 Chip to unlock this feature, which rules out the Pixel 7 or older models.

The new Pixel device is definitely going to be 5G, and it will support satellite communication for calls, according to a tweet by Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer.

As for the operating system it’s almost certain that Google will be using its latest Android 14 OS for the launch itself. Although Android 14 was meant to launch on September 5th, it has since been delayed, with Mishaal Rahman suggesting that insiders and other Android OS developers and users have been told Android 14 will be released on October 4th as well. The same date, that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are set to be announced.

Google Pixel 8 Hiroshi Lockheimer

Google Pixel 8 price speculation – how much does Pixel 8 cost?

Since the Google Pixel 8 is yet to be revealed, there is no official word on the pricing of the set. However, we can look back to the previous models to garner an idea of what the Google Pixel 8 price will be. Let’s take a look at the starting price for these past gen models on launch. Remember that can see a price increase of around $100 when jumping from the 128GB to 256GB storage option.

  • Google Pixel 7 price: $599
  • Google Pixel 6 price: $599
  • Google Pixel 5 price: $699
  • Google Pixel 4 price: $799
  • Google Pixel 3 price: $799

The Pixel line-up has actually seen a reduction in price in the past two generations. However, this may be due to the fact that Google introduced new Pixel flagships: the Pro variants with Pixel 6 & Pixel 7. These sit around $300 above the base model, although the Pixel 7 Pro is often on sale. Since we expect that trend to continue moving forward, we predict that the Google Pixel 8 won’t alter in price just yet from it’s predecessor- at $599 for the Pixel 8 and $899 for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Google Pixel 8 latest leaks & rumors

Let’s talk about some of the latest leaks, rumors, and other predictions for the Google Pixel 8. The specs above give a good insight into some of these details, as that is where many of the leaks want to focus their attention on. Interestingly, the rumored screen resolution is a tad smaller than the Google Pixel 7, which may hint at a more significant redesign coming. It could also open up room for an addition model in the range.

There area going to be some important changes to the display, according to Tom’s Guide. The report on leaks which reveal the Pixel 8 will have a 120Hz refresh rate and brighter 1400 nits display, while dropping the screen size down from 6.31″ to 6.17″. This is in part thanks to the move away from the curved edge found on previous Pixel phones, to be more in line with industry trends.

Another important hardware specification for the Pixel is the camera. The series has always been popular for it’s excellent camera, though Google have been slow to switch to new sensors each year. The Pixel 8 may trigger a change though, as rumors say that additional support is on the way. Staggered HDR is one technology being mentioned online.

Overall Pixel Design Language

image 1
Credit: Google

It very much looks like Google is sticking with the traditional design language now synonymous with the phone since the launch of the Pixel 6, with the long rear-visor for both devices. The Pixel 8 seems to have a satin finish on the metal camera bar, whereas the pro features as a more glossy metallic finish across the board.

Otherwise, you still get the rounded edges, and smooth language. Alongside two very striking color combinations, with a somewhat 80s-esque subdued porcelain and pink colorway.

Leaked body temperature feature

The next leak comes from 91 mobiles and is featured in this Neil Sargeant tweet. A leaked video supposedly showing the Google Pixel 8 Pro featuring a ‘body temperature’ tool. What is essentially a thermometer is an interesting feature to include in a new phone, so we’re unsure if this leak really holds any truth. The comments definitely show a level of skepticism as well.

How many years will Pixel 8 Last?

The Google Pixel 7 series is guaranteed to receive five years of software support and three generations of Android updates. It is likely that Google Pixel 8 will receive the same treatment.

The Google Pixel 8 range are also going to be the first phones to make use of the full release of Android 14. Early betas versions are already available for owners of recent Pixel phones.

Should I wait for the Google Pixel 8?

The Google Pixel 8 is shaping up to be an impressive piece of kit. We expect it to come along with the arrival of Android 14, so it will be a sizeable upgrade for anyone on more outdated hardware and software. If you already have a Google Pixel 7 or 7a, we don’t really see a reason to think about upgrading just yet. As mentioned, Google plan to support the Pixel 7 range for a few years still, and they will be able to upgrade to the latest OS version, no problem.

If you’re looking for a more substantial upgrade though, we recommend waiting for the Google Pixel 8. Based on the rumored specs in place, we can look forward to some impressive changes this year. The Pixel 8 will be the best way to be as up to date as possible with Google software like Android.

Google Pixel 8 release date : Final Word

We hope this has told you everything you were looking for with regards to the Google Pixel 8 release date and more. Some valuable upgrades could be on the way for Pixel 8. Do be sure to have a look at our various other phone guides, here on WePC.

Google Pixel 8 release date FAQs

Is the Google Pixel 8 coming out?

The Google Pixel 8 is now officially confirmed and will be launching on October 4th

How much does the Google Pixel 8 cost?

There hasn’t been any Pixel 8 price information released yet, however we assume is will have a similar MSRP to the Pixel 7 released in 2022, which was $599 for the base model.

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