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GPU prices keep falling, now only 25% above MSRP

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022 10:48 am
GPU prices keep falling, now only 25% above MSRP

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Three weeks on from the last 3dcenter report, it has now released another GPU pricing update. It shows that over the month GPU prices have fallen an average of 10-15%. This now means that both Nvidia and AMD GPUs are only 25% above their MSRP in Germany and Austria. Although still not ideal it does give hope for upcoming months and releases.

From the beginning of its reports, this is the lowest that graphics cards have been priced at. Starting in January 2021 it gives us a good understanding of the pricing trend that GPUs have been following. There have been many reasons why GPUs are expensive right now and finally, it is good to see them falling once again. Especially compared to last year when they were 231% higher and peaked at 318% above MSRP.

3dcenter GPU report march 27

Why is the GPU price falling?

3dcenters graph gives two more relative factors apart from GPU pricing. It shows us the availability of cards and the average price of Ethereum. It shows us the potential recovery of supply from the initial shortage and inability to get stock. But also Ethereum pricing informs us of the likelihood of available GPUs being swept up by crypto miners. When prices were higher, many took the leap to try and earn money through mining and so recent crashes may have dissuaded many from persuing that option.

Also, the life cycle of the current generation of graphics cards is likely coming to an end. A generation usually only lasts two years and it already has been one and a half years since their launch in 2020. So it may cause people to rethink if they want a current GPU especially if it is overpriced and there’s something else to look forward to. Looking ahead, there are Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs just round the corner, with Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series likely coming in the second half of the year. Potentially giving people reason to hold out and wait for more options.

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