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GPU scalper prices fall by 10-13%

MSRP might be in arms reach

Updated: Mar 22, 2022 8:37 am
GPU scalper prices fall by 10-13%

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Continuing the trend of ASUS lowering GPU prices, and previous worldwide price dropping, now the scalpers on eBay are dropping their prices. HardwareUnboxed goes searching across both Newegg and eBay to check on the situation and VideoCardz reports on it. From the beginning of the pandemic and when the GPU shortage began with the lack of stock from shutdowns and backups.

Since then the secondary market has been running wild with graphics card prices skyrocketing above their MSRP. Well, now the end might be in sight, with stock returning to better numbers customers aren’t willing to pay the inflated prices anymore. With stores offering lower prices, there’s no need to search for second-hand inflated cards so scalpers are reducing the pricing to actually sell them off.

GPU pricing update March 2022

Taking a look at Newegg pricing HardwareUnboxed finds that inflation prices on the graphics cards are now less than 100%. Nvidia still has the higher inflation, most close to 50% on the low end and between 19-35% for the 3080 Ti and 3090. AMD’s pricing varies wildly from just 13% for the 6500 XT to 74% for the 6800 XT. Although wild the average for the whole range is 38% with Nvidias at 50%.

Furthermore, they take a look at eBay GPU sales prices, and they show a slight trend of decreasing. The drop is especially seen between February and March 2022. As well as showing they are now the lowest they have been all year, a similar finding to the latest 3Dcenters report on pricing.

A summary of the eBay sales we see the trend for Nvidia is a decrease by 10% on average with an inflation of 72%. However, AMD’s pricing is much closer to the recommended and trending lower much quicker. Its GPUs sell at an average of 47% above MSRP and have dropped by 13% since the last month.

Will I be able to buy a GPU at MSRP?

With this continuing trend by the end of the year, the current generation might actually be sold at its MSRP. But also giving hope that the coming next generation of GPUs will also be sold at their asking price or only slightly above. We’ll first find out with Intels ARC Alchemist GPUs coming sometime in Q2 of the year. And toward the end of the year with the RTX 4000 series.

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