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GTA 6 release date – what the new announcement means

That moment when you announce the biggest game of all time in a throwaway line in a blog post...

Updated: Feb 7, 2022 7:20 pm

So it finally happened, Rockstar Games confirmed the worst kept secret in the history of really bad secrets in a causal last paragraph of a blog. Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is underway and has been for some time. What on earth does it mean though? When can we expect to finally get our hands on GTA 6 and do we really know anything more than we did before the announcement?

GTA 6 release date

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The news that GTA 6 has been underway for some time is encouraging. At least that means Rockstar Games hasn’t just opened up a new notepad document and titled it ‘GTA 6 ideas’. If they had that would obviously mean the game was years away – and while it still might be, it seems unlikely that progress has not been made for quite some time.

RDR2’s success has given Rockstar the gift of time

With the success of GTA V constantly keeping the developers busy, it has perhaps taken off some of the pressure to get the next game rushed out. It’s also not like Rockstar Games has been shy of success in the meantime with Red Dead Redemption 2 filling any holes that have appeared in the bank balance.

150 million copies later

GTA V sold over 150 million copies and that is so far and the Grand Theft Auto series of games have been eternally popular, so while a sequel was inevitable, information on when it might arrive has been unusually hard to come by. Things began to get mysterious when a Take 2 financial report in the middle of January seemed to suggest that Take Two Interactive expected in its business plan to earn a huge amount of revenue growth during 2024. Many think that there are very few ways of doing that – unless they and Rockstar Games are signing Cristiano Ronaldo, surely it could only mean Grand Theft Auto 6 was penciled in for then?

Speculation, guesswork and some good old detective-style effort needed

The truth is, it’s all speculation still at this point, and we can only join in with the rest of the internet wondering what GTA 6 will bring. The announcement, or confirmation of GTA 6, whatever you want to call it was a little odd and very low-key, containing zilcho information too other than GTA 6 was indeed a thing, so here in the newsrooms, we are being given no bones at all.

Customers not players when it comes to GTA 6

When you get to the levels of profit and business a Grand Theft Auto game brings in, never mind something people have been waiting for for so long like GTA 6, business, in general, is done a little differently. Investors will always find out things ahead of consumers and GTA 6 will be the poster boy for this kind of behavior – the days of the players actually mattering are long gone. We are merely the tools that carry the wallets. And as soon as we know when you will need to open said wallet to pre-order GTA 6, we will be updating this page and letting you know the release window, so get it bookmarked.

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