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GTA Remastered Trilogy Release Date – GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas Remastered

GTA Trilogy Remaster Confirmed - When Will The GTA Trilogy Remake Release?

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Last Updated:

Last Updated 10/10/2021: Rockstar has officially announced the Remaster.

Last Updated 17th August 2021: It is rumoured to be coming in Fall 2021.

The GTA Trilogy Remaster has been confirmed! That means GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas remastered in total. Information on the GTA Remastered Trilogy release date has also come to light, though remains unofficial at this time.

Read below to find out more!

When Will The GTA Remastered Trilogy Be Released?

Rumors of remastered versions of the original 3D Grand Theft Auto Trilogy have abounded for some time now, but Rockstar has finally, officially confirmed that the trilogy is being worked on by Scottish subsidiary Rockstar Dundee.

The latest leaks online suggest that the remastered Grand Theft Auto games were supposed to be released for free alongside the next-gen ports of GTA V and GTA Online that are due to come out soon, however (possibly as a result of the financial success of other remastered games recently), this has changed and the three games are going to be packaged together and sold in a bundle.

Originally the GTA remastered trilogy was meant to be released earlier in 2021, but due to the COVID pandemic they have been pushed back.

The new expected release schedule is as follows:

  • The GTA Remastered Trilogy Release Date for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch is expected to be in late October / early November.
  • The GTA Remastered Trilogy Release Date for PC and mobile may be in early 2022.


The above release schedule is not definitive, nor has it been confirmed yet by Rockstar, but reliable sources consider it to be likely.

GTA San Andreas Remastered

GTA San Andreas Remastered

My personal favorite of the GTA Trilogy, and the remaster I am looking forward to most, GTA San Andreas included many RPG-lite elements that did not even make it into the later games.

Taking control of CJ Johnson of the Grove Street Families, players could conquer territory from enemy gangs by picking up random NPC gang members from the streets of Los Santos, and conducting drive-bys and the like. If you stayed too long in the wrong neighborhood you could be the victim of an attack by an enemy gang yourself.

CJ would get fat if you ate too much, lose weight if you exercised, and gain strength through working out, which would increase melee damage but also go down over time. The range of haircuts, clothes, eating establishments you could gain health at/rob, girlfriends you could date and get in-game bonuses from, and other side quests was much wider than in GTA IV or GTA V.

GTA San Andreas was the first title to include such a large range of radio stations as can be found in GTA IV and GTA V, and (in my opinion) had the best soundtrack of any GTA game so far.

Arguably the best part of the game though was the characters – Ryder, Wu Zi Mu, Catalina (technically also in GTA 3), Mike Toreno, and of course, Big Smoke are some of the best GTA characters in the franchise’s history.

GTA Vice City Remastered

GTA Vice City Remastered

Probably the most widely anticipated of the GTA remasters, GTA Vice City mixed the iconic 80s Miami-Vice aesthetic of pastel clothing, sunny beaches, and neon nightlife with a classic 80s soundtrack.

Many of the mini-games that became features of the later titles were present in GTA Vice City, and business ownership was much more of an expanded feature (e.g. buying a gold club then going on it to play golf). The game also featured the first voiced protagonist of the series so far in Liberty City mobster Tommy Vercetti, who actually had his own well-defined character, rather than just being a blank avatar of the player.

GTA 3 Remastered

GTA 3 Remastered

The original re-invention of the GTA series from its top-down origins, GTA 3 was what made Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games the behemoths they are today.

A truly revolutionary game – at the time GTA 3 came out nobody had seen anything like it. Most of the gameplay features, characters, and humor of the game has been surpassed by the later installments, which built upon the foundation of GTA 3, but we’re still excited to revisit where the 3D Grand Theft Auto games began.

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