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Leak says GTA Online Summer update has been delayed

Has the GTA Online Summer update been delayed until the end of July?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022 10:21 am
GTA Online summer update

The GTA Online summer update may have just received a setback this year, with initial leaks around a July 19th release date being squashed as Rockstar extend GTA Online event until the 26th of July.

The GTA Summer Online update is one of the biggest DLC launches of the year for GTA players, with this year’s expected to go live any time now.

Initial leaks and rumors suggested that the GTA Online summer update would launch around the 19th of July – with the GTA Online membership rewards online running until the 18th.

However, news has just landed (via Tez2 again) stating that the GTA Online event for July has been extended to the 26th of July.

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GTA Online summer update

GTA Online Summer update delayed?

While no official release date has been announced by Rockstar themselves, leaks have started circulating about its imminent arrival.

Tez2 reported that the GTA Online membership rewards would run out on the 18th of July this month, making many believe that the big GTA Online summer update would launch the day after.

However, news has just broken that the GTA Online event for July has been pushed back to the 26th of July – meaning the GTA Online Summer update wouldn’t come any sooner.

GTA Online Summer update: latest news

More leaks are starting to surface surrounding the GTA Online Summer update, with one GTAForums user ” @alloc8or” stating the following could be arriving with the new update:

“- 26 new vehicle slots

– 2 new rifles; one is a “Tactictal Rifle”, unsure about the other one (codenamed “PRCSRIFLE”)

– as certain people have been hinting at: yes, there will be new skydiving activities which are also connected to a new “skydive” collectible

– some other certain people have also been hinting at an activity outside of San Andreas – I’ll let the reader figure this one out

– small fun fact: R* was particularly lazy this time choosing a codename for this DLC, they literally called it “DLC 1 2022”

Of course, this is all speculation at this early stage, however, if true, the latest GTA Online Summer update could come with a whole host of cool and exciting first for the game.

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