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GTA Tiny Racers – Triple RP & GTA$ For Tiny Racers GTA 5

Cash rewards and RP are tripled on the Tiny Racers adversary mode

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GTA Tiny Racers is an adversary mode that features in Grand Theft Auto Online, which is part of the continuation of the Cunning Stunts Special Vehicle Circuit update. GTA Tiny Racers brings the classic spirit of GTA titles with a birds-eye perspective, bring you a new and refreshing bit of vehicle combat.

As part of a wider GTA Online weekly update, in which, GTA fans were treated to a bunch of new content such as a new heist, prize ride, Landstalker XL podium vehicle, and more, we also see triple RP and GTA$ for GTA Tiny Racers Adversary Mode.


GTA Tiny Racers

The mode is a race against other players in the birds-eye perspective view and you have to race against each other to obtain power-ups, which give you an advantage, just like Mario Kart

  • Bomb – A bomb can be deployed from the back of the vehicle that will destroy nearby vehicles when it detonates.
  • Rocket – A rocket can be fired from the vehicle that will destroy vehicles in a similar style to the rocket launcher.
  • Machine Guns – The vehicle will be able to fire guns from the front of the vehicle that will inflict damage on the vehicles it hits, lasting for five seconds.
  • Inverse – The acceleration and braking controls of all other racers will be switched so that the button to drive backward and the brake will be the button to drive forward, lasting for ten seconds.
  • Deadline – The vehicle the player is driving will become a Nagasaki Shotaro with an energy trail as seen in Deadline.
  • Ramp Buggy – The vehicle the player is driving will transform into a BF Ramp Buggy.
  • Ruiner – The vehicle the player is driving will transform into a Ruiner 2000.

The Tiny Racers GTA 5 update brings you triple RP and GT$, so get racing and get that cash in now.

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