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Kotaku Leaks Say GTA Trilogy Remaster Is Coming For The Nintendo Switch

GTA trilogy nintendo switch remaster

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The GTA Trilogy Nintendo Switch remaster is coming!

Kotaku, the previous source of leaks from Rockstar which have proven correct, has come out with information of the GTA Trilogy remake which confirms its imminent release, the platforms it will be releasing on, and the likely date of the release.

That’s right: GTA 3 Remastered, GTA Vice City Remastered, and GTA San Andreas Remastered will all be available on the Nintendo Switch, as well as every other major console, PC, and even mobile. All three games will be bundled together within the GTA Trilogy Remaster.

gta remastered trilogy release date

Grand Theft Auto Nintendo Relations

Generally speaking, GTA games do not really match with the family-friendly marketing of Nintendo. So far, the only Grand Theft Auto game to release on a Nintendo console was Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Stories on the Nintendo DS. This was a more top-down 2D game in the style of the original entries in the series, rather than a full 3D depiction of gaming violence and sexual humor, which may have explained why it slipped through the net.

Either way, it seems like Nintendo are becoming more open to adult-themed content, with the release of the GTA Trilogy Remaster on Switch.

When Will The GTA Trilogy Remaster Release On The Nintendo Switch?

The GTA Trilogy Remaster release date has not been confirmed, but the latest rumors say that we can expect to see the GTA3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas remaster appearing late October to early November on all major consoles.

It is expected that the Grand Theft Auto remasters for PC and mobile will take until early 2022.

So, you can expect to have seen the GTA Trilogy Remaster Nintendo Switch release by mid-November at latest, if the rumors are true.