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Halo Infinite Campaign Leaks – No Spoilers!

We Discussed The Leaked Files Of The Halo Infinite Campaign And Tell You Where To Find Them

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Halo Infinite campaign leaks have unintentionally occurred via the game’s technical preview.

Files related to the game’s main campaign were accidentally included along with the tech build which was released on July 28, 2021 to a certain number of players and testers around the world. Not long after, these files found their way onto Reddit and other websites.

On July 30th, Halo Infinite’s creative head Joseph Staten released a statement on Twitter addressing the leak, which can be seen below.


Halo Infinite Campaign leaks

Halo Infinite Leaks Details

We are keen not to ruin the story for anyone looking forward to Halo Infinite (including for ourselves!) but below is a list of what the leak contains without giving away any of the specific details, though even these may be too spoilery for some, so if in doubt – do not read ahead!

If, after reading the below list, you think you’d like to know more, a quick Google should find you the leaks themselves, full spoilers and all!

  • The leaks suggest that Halo Infinite will feature mostly new characters and a new Halo ring.
  • Various plot points are included (without much context) as are descriptions of objectives.
  • A list of weapons is included, though many of these feature in earlier gameplay reveals.
  • A list of achievement titles is included.

Halo Infinite Release Date

There is no definitive date for the release of Halo Infinite at this stage, beyond Q4 2021. Based on the latest rumors, our money is on a mid-November release, but keep locked onto WePC for the latest news as soon as we get it!

Halo Infinite Beta & Halo Infinite Crossplay

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Can My PC Run Halo Infinite?

All of the above is relatively inconsequential of course if you won’t actually be able to play Halo Infinite when it does release. Make sure you have a read of our Halo Infinite System Requirements page to ensure you’ll be good to go on the game’s launch.

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