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Halo Infinite Download Size Leaked

Get those hard drives cleaned and prepped, Halo Infinite will not be small...

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To no one’s surprise, the size of Halo Infinite is quite substantial.

Thanks to a recent leak from a Reddit post, the download size for Halo Infinite is currently a whopping 97.24GB, meaning many gamers are going to have to once again, choose wisely which games they want to store on their primary drives and which deserve to be banished to a secondary drive.

halo infinite download size file size

As you can see from the image above, taken from the Microsoft Store within the Xbox dashboard, Halo Infinite appears to be 97.24GB and this might not even be the final version, ready for release. As far as we know, this could be the file size for just the single-player campaign or combined with the multiplayer suite. However, based on the fact that the preview build that was provided to journalists was just 18GB and included three multiplayer maps, this file size could be the final download size.

If this download size is real, then it would take up 20% of the SSD space on an Xbox S and 10% of the SSD space on an Xbox X. As Halo Infinite is yet to have a confirmed release date, this final download size could definitely increase with time. It’s also worth keeping in mind that 343 Industries, the developer of Halo Infinite might decide to slice the game up into optional downloads based on what the player wants to play, for example, campaign mode vs multiplayer.

For now, we can just hope that the game doesn’t expand too much in file size before the official release date, other than this, shop around for some external hard drives for your console of choice.

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