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New Halo Infinite Leaked Screenshots Emerge

Fans get a glimpse of the new Halo Infinite main menu after leaked screenshots appear

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Fans of the Halo franchise got their first glimpse of the new main menu recently as leaked screenshots of the game started to surface around the internet.

Despite a disastrous start to Halo Infinite’s life, a slew of better presentations has breathed new life and anticipation into the game’s release date. A recent beta test for the game went live recently that further helped to increase the popularity of the game’s launch, with Developer 343 Industries feeling pleased with where the community is at.

New Halo Infinite Leaked Screenshots

The latest screenshots have emerged from several sources, showcasing the mani menu and some other interesting game features too.

Below are leaked screenshots taken from a post made on MP1st:

The new screenshots show images of the Halo Infinite main menu, skulls for the campaign, custom games, and some images of the new ’56 Hog vehicle.

This is the latest in a slew of interesting Halo Infinite leaks, including a helmet and cosmetic armour leak, and a royale voice line leak from recent times.

The images seem to have gone down well with the Halo Infinite community, with main voicing their positive opinions over social media. Fans seem to enjoy the simple design of the main menu, showcasing the Master Chief looking out into the rough but beautiful terrain.

Halo Infinite Map Teaser

New leaked screenshots weren’t the only thing to drop recently. LeakyHalo’s Twitter account also got some footage of a map that we’ll likely see in the new game – accompanied by the Halo Sabre.


Halo Infinite Release Date

At the time of writing this, Halo Infinite is set to release sometime in the ‘Holidays’ of this season – however, a recent post by an Australian Classification Board speculates that a release date may be as close as November. This would not only tie the release of the new Halo game with Black Friday, but also line it up nicely with the Halo’s 20th Anniversary.

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