Hayley Atwell to voice Lara Croft in Netflix’s Tomb Raider Animated Series

Lara Croft will be starring in her own Netflix show, with Hayley Atwell to voice her.

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Lara Croft has been a staple in gaming figures. All gamers know the name, and most of us have played at least one of the Tomb Raider games. Considering the success of the franchise, it’s no wonder that there have been multiple attempts to adapt the game into film.

We’ve had Angelina Jolie’s 2001 and 2003 films, and more recently we’ve gotten the 2018 Alicia Vikander adaptation. It seems as though none really stick around for long though, and perhaps that’s because the Tomb Raider series simply doesn’t work as an adapted film? First announced alongside an anime project for Skull Island back in January 2021, Tomb Raider is a brand new animated series project coming exclusively to Netflix; will be dipping their toes into the pool next, with their own Tomb Raider anime.


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Who is Hayley Atwell

You’ll recognise Hayley primarily from Marvel as Peggy Carter. She’ll also be starring in Mission Impossible 7 and 8, and as we know she’s a brilliant actress. Although, we do wonder if she’s a good voice actress. Well those who watched Marvel’s What If..? will know she voiced Peggy. While some of the Marvel action heroes weren’t quite as well suited in their animated boots as some professional voice actors were, Hayley was a great voice actress. This is by no means a diss on the other actors, but voice acting is a completely different ball-game. Whereas some actors practise years in facial emoting, it’s much more tricky to convey some complex emotions through just voice.


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Although, we’ve now heard Hayley in a voice acting role and have high hopes. She’ll bring that British sophistication to Lara‘s voice that is just as iconic as the character herself. We’re still mostly in the dark about Netflix’s Tomb Raider anime but at the very least we know who our star is going to be!