Hearthstone Mercenaries Release Date – Finally Announced

Hearthstone's next game mode, Mercenaries, set for October release date

hearthstone mercenaries release date
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Hearthstone Mercenaries is a new game mode coming to the title where you collect iconic mercenaries and assemble squads to take down procedurally generated bounties. This new Hearthstone mode is kicking up a bit of hype, combining RPG and roguelike features with your favorite Hearthstone characters. The Hearthstone Mercenaries release date is now around the corner, October 12th to be exact, and we can’t wait.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Release Date

Hearthstone Mercenaries launches on October 12th, save the date.  With this mode, you get The Diablo, Lich King, and Sylvanas Mercenaries, without having to purchase bundles from Mercenaries packs or the crafting system.

If you opt to go for a pre-purchase Diablo Mercenaries bundle, you can bag yourself:

  • A Diamond Legendary Diablo Mercenary Card
  • 50 Mercenaries Packs

The Lich King Mercenaries Pre-Purchase Bundle includes:

  • A Diamond Legendary Lich King Mercenary Card
  • 50 Mercenaries Packs

The Sylvanas Mercenaries Bundle includes:

  • Golden Legendary Sylvanas Mercenary Card
  • 30 Mercenaries Packs

The Mercenaries Village

The new village is where you are going to be managing your collection, collecting task rewards, and visit the Mercenaries shop. The village is your central hub and is also a gameplay and progression system, allowing you to build and upgrade buildings.