Hell Let Loose PS5, Xbox Series X/S Release Date, Beta, Crossplay, Preorder

Hell Let Loose PS5 and Xbox Series X/S port releases October 5.

Hell Let Loose PS5
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Black Matter’s World War II shooter, Hell Let Loose, is finally coming to next-generation consoles. The Hell Let Loose release date for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 is October 5, and it comes with a Hell Let Loose PS5 beta and crossplay for next-gen platforms.

Hell Let Loose PS5 and Xbox Series X Release Date

Black Matter has announced that Hell Let Loose PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release date is October 5. The game finally arrives on next-generation consoles after its very recent full release from early access on PC. Next-generation gamers will get to experience the super heavy tactical side of the Second World War, working as allies and taking over specific roles found in WW2 regiments.

Hell Let Loose Crossplay

Every single server in Hell Let Loose uses 100 player servers, with 50 players fighting on two different teams on the fields of Western Europe. However, if you have friends spread across all of the next generations, you will be pleased to know Black Matter created a Hell Let Loose crossplay feature. The cross-play feature allows players on both next-generation consoles can play together. The good news is that those players who hate crossplay with PC will not experience that in Hell Let Loose crossplay.

Hell Let Loose Beta

For those interested in the Hell Let loose tactical realism of the Second World War, you will be pleased to know there is a Hell Let Loose beta. The Hell Let Loose beta kicks off on September 16-20 and is classed as an open beta. However, the Hell Let Loose beta is a PlayStation exclusive. If you’re interested in giving it a go, simply download it from the PlayStation Store.

The Hell Let Loose PlayStation 5 open beta offers a glimpse of the Hurtgen Forest map played on its Warfare mode. Gamers will begin the battle occupying one half of the map. They’ll have to push back the hostile army and secure enemy territory for themselves from then on. The team that wins manages to hold the most ground when the timer runs out or by conquering the enemy base.

The other game mode is Offensive mode where one side plays the role of attacker and the other acts as a defender. You’ll get to enjoy even more maps other than Hurtgen Forest themed on the Western Front, along with the iconic Normandy invasion and more.

Hell Let Loose Preorder

If you find you like the game during your time on the Hell Let Loose PS5 Beta, you can preorder the game on your respective platform’s digital store.  Those who preorder the game get the Silver Vanguard cosmetic DLC pack.

Or, If Hell Let Loose is not your thing, but you want that WW2 feel, why not wait for Call of Duty Vanguard and return to the 1940s that way?