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Honkai: Star Rail: Genshin Impact dev’s new game gets trailer

All aboard the anime train!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 11:04 am
Honkai: Star Rail: Genshin Impact dev’s new game gets trailer

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MiHoYo has been incredibly busy, as the Chinese developer has not only just announced a tonne of content for Genshin Impact but an entirely new game in their Honkai Series.

The game will be a turn-based RPG, relying on strategy rather than brawn like in Genshin, however does seem to have that Genshin Impact exploration within it, as you discover the secrets of the universe.

honkai star rail combat

Characters have already been announced, as well as voice actors and examples on the website. I’d suspect that this game will see a release early next year, but as of right now, the beta sign-ups have begun! (You will need a Chromium browser like Chrome, Brave or Edge to sign up, Firefox would not work for us!)

Honkai is MiHoYo’s previous bread and butter before Genshin Impact, but it’s good to see that the studio isn’t entirely abandoning the series and are pressing forward with what we can expect to be another gacha game.

WePC have already signed up for the beta and we’ll keep you updated as and when we get in, but for now, have a look at some of these gorgeous looking screenshots:

honkai star rail beta 1

What will Honkai: Star Rail be available on?

Honkai: Star Rail has no release date but will be launching on iOS and PC, but I fully suspect that the Android version will launch either a little later or alongside the iOS one, but is being held back from beta to help condense down on customer service stress, as the disparity between hardware is quite large.

The beta will require a device with 10GB, an iPhone XS/XR or better and an iPad from 2018 or onwards. On PC, the only specs that have been announced are the need for an i5 Processor, 8GB of RAM and a minimum of a GTX970.

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