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Horizon Forbidden West best graphics modes to play with

A couple of options to make this great looking game look even greater if you have a PS5. Let's take a look

Updated: Mar 30, 2022 4:06 pm
Horizon Forbidden West best graphics modes to play with

If you are planning on heading out into Horizon Forbidden West’s vast open-world on your shiny new PlayStation 5 you will perhaps notice you have a couple of options when it comes to the graphics settings, so you may be wondering which is best of your setup and what the differences are.

Horizon Forbidden West graphic modes PS5

The two modes on offer on the PlayStation 5 are:

  • Favor Performance Mode
  • Favour Resolution Mode

Now the clue is very definitely in the name here but the two modes do offer remarkably different experiences.

Favor Resolution is the default setting and runs the game at a native 4K (2160p) with a target frame rate (FPS) of 30. If you want to get super technical it also turns on TAA and FXAA – that’s Temporal anti-aliasing and Fast approximate anti-aliasing to the nerds.

Favor Performance mode runs a steady 1800p with checkerboard rendering and aims to get you 60FPS

Horizon Forbidden West graphic modes PS4

The PlayStation 4 version has neither of the above options and caps the frame rate at a slightly disappointing 30fps.

Also, only the PS4 Pro is able to get you 1800p resolution, older models are locked to 1080p. Not a big deal perhaps, but if you buy the PS4 version you can also upgrade it for free to the PS5 version further down the line, (or even today) and save yourself $10 in the process as it is the cheaper option on the storefront.

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