Will Horizon Forbidden West Be Coming To PC Following GeForce NOW Leak?

Considering the release of Horizon Zero Dawn to PC in 2020, will Horizon Forbidden West be released to PC as well as Playstation consoles?

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay
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One of the many huge titles mentioned in September’s GeForce NOW leak was Horizon Forbidden West. Considering it’s predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, has been on Steam since August 2020, this isn’t all that surprising. However, Sony has been clear that they are not forcing simultaneous release of first-party games across both platforms. So when, if at all, will the second game of the series come to PC?

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Horizon Forbidden West will take Aloy to the Forbidden West, an area Playstation describes as “a dangerous frontier that conceals mysterious new threats.” Hopefully this suggests that there may be a host of new species and machines to meet. As seen in the gameplay trailer showcased way back in May in Playstation’s State of Play broadcast, though, we do know of plenty of new game-changing mechanics. Swimming, free climbing and new aspects to melee combat have all been added for Forbidden West. Even the most-hardened Zero Dawn fans will have something new to look forward to in the next game. As well as this, the landscape of Forbidden West is a blissful – if only in looks alone – paradise, with crystal clear waters and tropical palm trees. No wonder fans of Aloy’s previous adventure can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Release Date

Horizon Forbidden West has had a delayed release already, not being released to PS4 and PS5 until February 18, 2022. With a few months still until that release date, we could be forgiven for thinking that Forbidden West could be released on both Playstation consoles and PC at the same time. However, considering Sony will no doubt want to focus their time on ensuring the best quality game for console release, we’ll likely be waiting a little longer for it to become available on PC. We can only hope that wait isn’t as long as the first one, with Zero Dawn coming to PC nearly three years after it’s console counterpart. However, with Aloy’s popularity firmly cemented since then, we can assume Sony won’t keep us waiting so long.

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