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How Many GB Is NBA 2K22?

New leaks suggest 2K's NBA 2K22 will be around 93GB in size.

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Whilst previous leaks suggest 2K’s imminent basketball simulator would be around 160GB, new claims say it’ll be much smaller. The game looks set to launch at around 93GB – putting it closer to the 2K21 than we previously thought. 

The leak came from one of the NBA 2K22 fan pages, 2KIntel – stating that the new game would 93 GB but with no reference to platform or console.

When Is The NBA 2K22 Release Date?

NBA 2K22 was announced some time ago now, with an official release date set for 10th September 2021. 

Whilst the news of a new game is exciting NBA fans across the globe, the sheer lack of marketing material (gameplay trailer, official trailer, or any gameplay footage) is leaving many to believe it will be delayed.

NBA 2K22 At Gamescom 2021

Last night also played host to Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live, where Geoff Keighley unveiled a tonne of world premieres for some of the year’s most anticipated games.

With so little released regarding the new 2K basketball title, many expected to see some cool new gameplay footage at the event. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Granted, there’s still a couple of days left in Gamescom this year – we could still see a large announcement for the game. However, with each passing day, an NBA 2K22 delay looks more imminent.

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