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How much does the iPad 10th generation cost? iPad 2022 price

How much does the iPad 10th generation cost for each SKU?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022 5:31 pm
how much does the ipad 10th generation cost ipad 2022 price ipad 10th gen price

So you want to know How much does the iPad 10th generation cost? Well ultimately that depends on what loadout you’re opting for. The cheapest entry in the series has an MSRP of $449 but if you scale up the storage and other features, this can cost more money. We’ll be detailing the iPad 2022 price for each of the SKUs right here to give you the most info possible.

How much does the iPad 10th generation cost for each SKU

There are two different storage options for the 10th gen iPad: 64GB and 256GB, and the price scales in each instance. Additionally adding a cellular SIM costs extra.

iPad 2022 price vs iPad 2021 price

The starting price of the 2021 iPad is $329, which is substantially lower than the iPad 2022 price for the starting model of $449. This makes the 9th gen iPad 2021 a viable, budget-friendly option.

Is the 10th gen iPad price too expensive?

Ultimately this question is the same as: is the 10th gen iPad worth the money? And it boils down to whether or not you value the additional features the 10th gen brings over the 9th gen.

The 10th gen iPad comes with a larger 10.9″ screen compared to the 10.2″ of the 9th gen, a faster A14 processor, improved speakers, USB-C ports, and has better camera placement on the long edge of the device.

If these features tickle your fancy, then it probably is worth it, if not, then opt for the cheaper device instead.

What other tablets are on the market for the same price as the iPad 2022?

Check out our Black Friday iPad deals 2022 for various tablets from different brands on a range of prices. The Microsoft Surface Pro 9, even the previous gen Surface Pro 8, costs substantially more money, but has superior 2-in-1 functionality.

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