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How To Play Battle Of Verdansk In Warzone: Full Vanguard Reveal

The new COD is being released soon, with a more comprehensive reveal going live in Warzone today!

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It’s that time of year again folks, the time when Activision releases a new chapter into the hugely popular Call Of Duty franchise. The latest game to arrive is the hugely anticipated WWII-themed Call Of Duty: Vanguard – which will be revealed tonight in a new Warzone game mode. 

Whilst we haven’t seen a great amount of marketing material for the new COD title, the wait for something more substantial is finally over. Call Of Duty: Warzone will play host to a Vanguard reveal, with players being able to play in the Battle Of Verdansk – a new PvE game mode that sees players pitted together against a fully armored train.

How To Play Battle Of Verdanks In Call Of Duty Warzone: Vanguard Reveal

Simply log into your account and wait for the playlist update. After it launches, times below, simply head on over to Warzone and join the lobby. 

Last year, Activision used Warzone to reveal Black Ops Cold War – with an event labelled ‘Know You History’. The reveal for that game had players completing objectives and fleeing from a stadium to avoid incoming missile fire.

The new Call of Duty: Vanguard will feature a similar leak, with players joined arms and fighting a huge armored train.

Activision had this to say about the Battle Of Verdansk:

Your target is a heavily armored train – a moving fortress with multiple, lethal turrets, but we’ve identified weak points. Your primary objectives are to plant TNT charges in the tunnel by Verdansk Hospital, where we know it will pass through according to the latest intel.

If all goes well, that mountain crumbles with that monstrosity still in it. Worst case scenario? We’re sending you in with rifles and launchers for a reason, soldier.

Until today, you fought against each other. NATO against Warsaw Pact. Coalition against Allegiance. Now, with this new threat, we are all one squad for this mission.

Rally yourself and the three strongest members of your strike team for this operation – it’s the first of its kind, as we all need to work in tandem to scratch that death machine off the map.

If we get the job done well during the Battle of Verdansk, rest assured: you and the squad will be rewarded for your efforts. Custom firepower and plenty of special keepsakes are all up for grabs, including some for being a part of this massive mission. But of course, those who do significant damage to this enemy and rendezvous to the exfil point in time will get some additional rewards that will make them stand out from the greenhorns in our ranks.

Another important order: nobody should go into this battle cold. All normal operations will continue in WarzoneTM until 1030 Hours (PT) on 19 August when the battle begins. Not only do we recommend your attendance, we encourage it: between 930 and 1029 Hours (PT) on 19 August, all Operators will receive Double Player XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP by playing Warzone.

HQ has also provided the following intel, although this may pertain to the Operator behind the screen rather than the one in the field: there will be a “playlist update” at approximately 10:30 a.m. PT – do not quit out of Warzone if you are playing prior to this update, as it will happen in real time and not require a re-launch of the game. Just keep checking the Play tab for a live update that will bring about the start of the Battle.

What we gathered is to not miss that infil plane – get into formation at 1030 Hours (PT) on 19 August, in Verdansk.

We will be united on all fronts – good luck. Additional updates soon.”

When Is The Call Of Duty Event Today?

The event will be hosted in Call Of Duty: Warzone Today, August 19th, 2021. 

Players will be able to log into their Warzone accounts and play a new PvE mode called, you guessed it, Battle of Verdansk. It will go live at various times across the globe, and will be available at various intervals over the weekend – or so Activision state.

Below are the start times in various time zones:

  • 10:30am PT
  • 11:30am MT
  • 12:30pm CT
  • 1:30pm ET
  • 6:30pm GMT

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