Tetris Effect Developer Enhance Unveils Bizarre New Project, Humanity for PS4

Humanity for PS4 1

Although much of the attention was centered on The Last of Us Part II during the State of Play broadcast, Tha and Enhance, the developer behind the excellent re-imagining of the classic puzzle games, Tetris Effect, announced a brand new title dubbed Humanity.

Humanity Game on PS4: What Do We Know?

It's hard to describe Humanity based off the trailer, which shows masses of people converging on one another on various large scale geometric planes in a kind of nightmare take on the famous images of attendants shoving bodies into teeming Japanese subway carriages. The masses climb vertical faces, catapult through the air, and twirl around each other in shapes reminiscent of a strand of DNA.

The pitched vocal backing track adds a sense of intrigue before the whole affair takes on a wholly more violent turn as the hordes engage in an all-out battle armed with what appear to be lightsabers and blaster pistols. Bodies fly, vertical fortresses are besieged, and what is the longest conga line of people we’ve ever seen snakes around mowing down the opposing color-coded faction.

Humanity has a distinctly Human: Fall Flat flavor to it, albeit on a much larger scale, with a good dose of puzzling thrown in for good measure. But it's not clear whether the trailer depicts actual gameplay or is simply a cinematic tone-setting exercise to whet our palettes in anticipation of firmer details.

Final Word

It's pretty confusing, and not to say hypnotically mesmerizing. We’re not quite sure what to make of it, but we'll bite and say we can't wait to hear more.

What we do know is that Humanity is slated to release on both PlayStation 4 and PSVR at some point during 2020.