Humankind Official Release Date & Game Trailers

There's only 24hours left until the official Humankind release date

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Humankind is the latest 4X strategy game that aims to take Sid Meier’s Civilization off the top spot. The game was developed by Amplitude Studios who have had a long history of creating some of the best strategy games out there.

However, whilst availability has been limited to OpenDev releases – the official release date has now been announced and fans of the Sega strategy game won’t have to wait too much longer for its official shelving.

Humankind Release Date

Humankind was unveiled some time ago now, sparking plenty of anticipation amongst fans of the strategy game mode. However, it wasn’t until recently that an official release date was set.

That being said, the official release date for Humankind has now been set to August 17th, 2021. It will be available from all major game stores, with pre-orders now live.

Humankind pre-order

Pre-orders for Humankind are now live across all major game stores. The easiest way to pre-order your copy of the game is to simply head on over to the official Humankind webpage and follow the directions to pre-order. Choose your platform and enjoy a £10 discount. It’s as simple as that.

Alternatively, you can also head to Steam, Epic Games, or Stadia directly. However, pricing will likely vary depending on the platform chosen.

Humankind Pricing & Platform

Right now, Humankind will only be available on PC. It is available at various vendors, however, not all are reliable as you’d think.

Below are the most up-to-date prices for Humankind – alongside their vendor

  • Humankind store: $49.79
  • Steam Store: $49.79
  • Epic Games Store: $49.79
  • Google Stadia: $39.83 (Pre-order special)

Humankind Trailer

Whilst the game is only around the corner now, we still thought it’d be a good idea to generate some buzz by showing both the official Humankind reveal & gameplay trailers.

Humankind Official trailer

Humankind Gameplay Trailer