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Is Humankind On Xbox Game Pass?

Can you get Humankind on Xbox Game Pass yet?

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Humankind, the new Civ challenging game from Amplitude has got a lot of gamers chatting already. Finally fully released recently, Humankind has taken the market by storm and is the latest 4x strategy game to perk our interests.

Humankind allows you to re-write history and brings a convergence of culture, history, and values that allow you to create a civilization uniquely attuned to you.

Is Humankind On Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, as of the 17th of August, Humankind is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Humankind wasn’t the only game available on Game Pass either, in fact, there were three other titles up for grabs at the same time. What is even better news, there are another five titles coming to Xbox Game Pass this month alone, great news.

Humankind Standard Vs Deluxe Edition

The game is available in two editions, standard and deluxe, with the only difference being some bonus content. The standard edition is just the game, however, the Deluxe offers avatar sets, player icons, the Humankind digital soundtrack, a free poster, the Notre Dame pack, and more!

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