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Intel 13th gen CPU stock tracker, when will the i9-13900K be back in stock?

Intel 13th gen processors offer blistering speeds but not quite as fast as they pop in and out of stock.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022 10:40 am
Intel 13th gen CPU stock tracker, when will the i9-13900K be back in stock?

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Intel 13th gen CPUs dropped today, meaning you can now buy the i9-13900K/KF, i7-13700K/KF, and the i5-13600K/KF in-store.

Hardware launches this year have been fairly pleasant, with the RTX 4090 stock flickering in and out on a daily basis. We expect the same from the Intel 13th generation processors too, only with a much more stable rate of replenishment.

We are going to be dipping in and out of the best retailers around the globe, making sure those from the US, UK, Canada, and Europe grab themselves a 13th gen CPU when it comes back in stock.

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Intel 13th gen CPU stock tracker US

We will check daily for Intel 13th gen processor stock in the US until it normalizes. If you are sick of waiting, don’t forget you can always pre order one from several retailers.

Retaileri9-13900K/ KFi7-13700K/ KFi5-13600K/ KF
Amazon13900K / 13900KF IN STOCK13700KF IN STOCK13600K / 13600KF IN STOCK
Best Buy13900K / 13900KF IN STOCK13700K IN STOCK13600K / 13600KF IN STOCK
Newegg13900K / 13900KF IN STOCK13700K / 13700KF IN STOCK13600K / 13600KF IN STOCK
*Stock is subject to change rapidly*

When will the Intel 13th gen CPUs be back in stock?

It looks as though the flagship, Intel Core i9 13900K/ KF SKUs were the most popular this far, with stock running out pretty sharpish on the day of launch.

Some retailers could be restocking as soon as the start of next week (24/10), with others stating shipments may be as late as the 10th of November.

Should you wait for Intel’s 13th-gen stock to replenish?

Waiting gives current users time to really dig into the 13th gen’s performance and any issues that start to appear will already be being addressed by the time you come to purchase your very own CPU. The 13th generation is a fantastic CPU generation really packing a punch in terms of performance. If users want the best of the best, then this is not a generation to skip.

This may lead to you ending up on the AMD side of the court but a patient game is the best way to go here.

Intel 13th gen stock UK

We are going to be updating this page on a regular basis, eventually checking UK retailers for Intel 13th-gen stock too.

In the meantime please check out and bookmark these popular retailers below to ensure you get your hands on one of these processors as soon as possible.






Check back here for daily stock updates on all Intel 13th-generation CPUs. We keep all this information as up-to-date as we can, and we are dedicated to bringing you stock at the best prices.

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