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Intel Arc Alchemist GPU battles RTX 3070 Ti in first-ever leaked benchmark

Team Blue bites back.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022 11:42 am
Arc Alchemist min

While Intel themselves have been curiously tight-lipped on the status of their Arc Alchemist GPU stack, with it being a surprising no-show at CES 2022, we’ve been seeing consistent details about the status of these GPUs, in addition to the own unique product SKUs that we have been keeping a keen eye on, too. This latest report comes courtesy of Videocardz, which was spotted by @TUM_APISAK, which detailed a benchmark of the Intel DG2 512 EU against the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.

Intel Arc DG2 512 EU clock speed

We can see from the images taken from the SiSoftware benchmark that the Intel Arc DG2 512 EU was clocked at around 2.1GHz. However, we do not know if this card was boosting its clocks during the benchmark, or if in fact, we’re seeing 2.1GHz as the base clock. In addition to this, the card looks to be pipped to have 16GB of video memory, but with the rising cost of components, this could change upon release. Specifically, we’ve previously looked at the DG2 512 EU as having 16GB of VRAM, and it appears that this is also corroborated with the latest benchmarks that we’ve seen.

With this said, we can now look to compare the DG2 512EU to other cards, where we may be able to start to discern just where Intel might be targeting performance for their brand-new graphics cards.

Arc Alchemist leaked

Intel Arc Alchemist beats the RTX 3070 Ti

When looking at the core scores at both the RTX 3070 Ti and the DG2 512 EU, we can see that both of these cards trade blows in a similar benchmarking test from Si Software, with the DG2 512 EU only faltering when it comes to single-float tests, and beating out the RTXC 3070Ti in all other benchmarks, according to Videocardz. This means that the Arc Alchemist‘s flagship chip will actually not be quite as powerful as a discrete RTX 3080. With that said, it performs well, which bodes very well for when intel actually gives this chip a name, in addition, to the release date so we know when we might be able to get our hands on this brand-new team player.

With a suspected TDP of 225W, this flagship is certainly no slouch, but will it be able to have the driver support in place to help bolster Intel’s first efforts in one of the most competitive gaming markets in the world, or will it end up barely making a splash? We’ve just got to wait and see until more details are officially released and when we finally get the card in our hands.

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