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An unreleased Dell laptop has appeared with an Intel Arc GPU

Arc-powered laptop leaks out

Updated: Mar 29, 2022 11:00 am
An unreleased Dell laptop has appeared with an Intel Arc GPU

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Intel’s discrete laptop GPUs are almost here. They are due to be revealed tomorrow, which means that things are getting extremely leaky. Arc Alchemist-based GPUs have been hotly anticipated for a good while now, and we’re hoping that they’re going to hold up in real-world performance. Until then, it looks like an unreleased Dell Laptop, the Precision 5470 is going to come equipped with an Arc Alchemist GPU.

Intel has set up an even of their own, set for March 30, where they plan to reveal their full plans for everything Intel Arc and more, meaning that they are about to enter the GPU market in a much more serious way than any of their previous ‘integrated’ offerings, kicking off with the laptop segment of the market, before eventually reaching out into the desktop market to get themselves in contention with the likes of Nvidia and AMD, as the industry begins to crawl out of the stock crisis and global semiconductor shortage, and back to relative normalcy in the coming months.

Leaked Dell laptop shows off Arc A30M Pro GPU

Notorious Twitter leak fiend @9550pro got their hands on what appears to be a product sheet for an upcoming Dell Laptop, the Precision 5470, which is due to come equipped with a 12th-generation Intel processor, and Windows 11, but has a trick up its sleeve under its configurable GPU options.

On the full image, you can see the option to upgrade the laptop over to one of two discrete graphics options, an RTX A1000 workstation chip, or the Intel Arc A30M Pro, which is currently listed as ‘coming soon’. An additional leaked slide also shows that it will possess 4GB of VRAM, in addition to a total TGP of 35W, which would make it a relatively reasonable machine.

The Arc A30M Pro looks to be one of the entry SKUs in the lineup, so don’t expect blistering performance out of the chip, that’d going to be reserved for the higher-end models that we’ll ultimately see turn up in high-end gaming laptops.

GPU pricing gets lower: can Intel still compete?

We know about GPU pricing getting slightly cheaper, meaning that we’re going to be able to get the best graphics cards getting cheaper, and this is reflected in the evidence that graphics cards are crawling back to their intended MSRP pricing, and we’ve observed this over the past few months. Additionally, our sources at WePC indicate that there are further announcements to be made directly from companies that graphics card pricing is going to fall off of a cliff.

The really prescient question is, is Intel still able to compete in a market that’s already gotten back up on its feet? We won’t know the answer until the cards are formally announced, with discrete pricing of the GPUs seemingly under wraps until later in the year, after their laptop cards have been announced. This is a sound strategy for Intel, who is staggering out the releases in order to align their flagship releases with the likes of AMD and Nvidia, presumably to hit after Computex 2021.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to follow the industry, and we can’t wait to see what else companies like Intel have cooked up behind closed doors.

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