Intel Comet Lake Pricing Details Leaked

Intel’s new 10th generation Comet Lake desktop processor series is due to be launched soon. Intel has been a bit coy about the pricing so far, but it looks like we might have some idea of how much these will cost based on a leak from an online retailer. 

Twitter user @momomo_us who is a hardware detail leaker shared the leaked prices of Comet Lake chips which recently appeared on the Canadian website DirectDial. The prices were revealed in Canadian dollars. 

How Much Are The New Comet Lake Processors?

The price for the Intel Core i9 10900 is $679 CAD – so around $487 in US dollars. The Core i7 10700K was listed for $585 CAD or $419 USD. The Core i7 10700 was listed for $506 CAD or $363 USD. 

The first thing to take into account is that these are pre-order product listings and as they’re still technically leaks, they should be taken with a pinch of salt. This website also is a business supplier so the price for consumers could be very different. This just gives us an idea of what to expect. 

How Do These Prices Weigh Up To AMD’s Offerings?

Naturally, many people are wondering how these prices weigh up to Intel’s main rival, AMD. Looking at DirectDial’s AMD offerings, you can see that the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – considered the main rival of Intel’s new flagship model – is priced a little higher than Intel’s Core i9 10900. The Ryzen is priced at $549 USD to Intel’s $487. 

This looks good for Intel who have previously been criticized for being too expensive while AMD typically offers hardware for lower prices. However, this is just going by DirectDial’s prices. The prices you’ll find from other retailers, particularly those that serve ordinary consumers could be very different. 

When Will We See Intel’s New Comet Lake Series Of Processors?

Of course, the prices revealed recently are not confirmed yet and should only really be taken as an idea of what they will be like. 

Rumour has it that Intel is set to launch the Comet Lake series on April 30th – however, this again hasn’t yet been confirmed. If this is true, there’s not long to wait to see whether the prices leaked are accurate and how they compare to AMD’s processor offerings.