Leak Reveals Intel 10th-Gen Comet Lake-S Series Final Pricing and Specifications

The final pricing and specifications for the upcoming 10th-gen Core-S Comet Lake S series of CPUs have leaked. The lineup features no less than 32 SKUs running the gamut of Intel families, including Core i9, Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3. Intel is expected to officially unveil the CPUs tomorrow, April 30th.

A leaked presentation featuring slides sees Intel tout the 10th-gen Comet Lake-S series with speeds up to 5.3 GHz suited to gaming and various applications depending on high-frequency cores. Intel says the lineup will offer better performance to up frame rates and ensure lower latency thanks to higher frequencies.

On the overclocking front, the Comet Lake-S series will introduce a refreshed Intel Extreme Tuning Utility featuring per-core HT disable and enable functionality, PEG/DMI overclocking, enhanced voltage and frequency curve controls.

The 14nm process node CPUs feature a thinner die and thicker IHS to improve thermal performance. As for integrated graphics solutions, all Core K and non-K CPUs include Intel UHD Graphics 630, while the Celeron line includes Intel UHD Graphics 610. The Intel Core lineup supports two channels of DDR4 2933 MHz, while the Pentium and Celeron lines support two-channel DDR4 2666 MHz.

All the Comet Lake-S CPUs feature PCIe 3.0 with 40 platform lanes. Other features include Thermal Velocity Boost, Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, Hyperthreading Technology on the Core series, up to 10 cores with 20 M of Intel Smart Cache, Intel 400 series chipsets, and 2.5G Ethernet.

In terms of pricing, the flagship Core i9-10900K will retail at $488, dropping down to $472 for the Core i8-10900KF, $439 for the Core i9-10900, and $422 for the Core i9-10900F.

The Core i7 CPUs range in price from $374 for the Core i7-10700K down to $298 for the Core i7-10700F. The Core i5 will be available in different variants from $262 to $157. The lowest-priced Comet Lake-S CPU is the G-5900 starting at $42.